Designed for Life

A device that will grow with you and your home.

Simple to use

Plug In

Connect to Internet

All set!

Life with Sentri

One tap, and you’re home
Check in on the household puppy

Always there for you
Explore with a peace of mind and let Sentri keep your home safe and sound

Extra pair of eyes
Make sure everything’s ‘just right’ for your newborn

Life of the party
Freedom to change your background

Sentri at Home

Your home at your fingertips — no phones required.  All your home’s vital stats — including temperature, air quality, and more — just a glance away.  Get trending views of your home’s health, and change the look and feel depending on your home, all from a stunning 10.1″ touchscreen.

Sentri on the Go

Being away no longer means having to stay in the dark of what’s happening at home.  Take the intelligence Sentri delivers with you anywhere with Sentri’s mobile apps.  Receive real-time alerts and check in using Sentri’s 120-degree HD camera. Best of all, Sentri will learn to adapt to your needs, and deliver the notifications that matter most to you.


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