The Center of Your Smart Home

All your smart devices from one simple interface

Welcome Home. At Sentri, we’re on a mission to make every home safer and smarter.  We believe that everyone deserves a peace of mind by protecting what matters most to them. Our flagship product, Sentri, gives anyone the ability to be at home anywhere, anytime through our all-in-one monitoring solution from a stunning 10.1″ touchscreen display that takes seconds to set up, is powerful enough to be the center of your smart home, and was designed to complement your personal style.

What Every Sentri Comes With


Setup in seconds with no installation required (not even phones). Built-in touchscreen display for effortless control.


The center of your smart home — connect and control all your connected products from one simple touchscreen interface


Sleek exterior paired with a personalized interior. Designed to complement your home, personalize the background to match your style


Our Partners

We’re a company built around the principle of #buildingtogether, and since we launched our Kickstarter campaign last year, we’ve been fortunate enough to work with incredible partners who share in our vision of creating safer and smarter homes for all.


Our Team

Based out of San Francisco and Taipei, our founding team was brought together by a shared belief that our homes should and — could — be smarter.  We firmly believe that the best product experiences are those that are effortless to use, and personalized for each user. Prior to Sentri, our team developed our engineering, branding, and business chops working with some of the largest consumer brands in the world, including HTC, Asus, Microsoft, and Acer.


Chris Wang

Chris Wang


Chris has a proven track record as a developer and entrepreneur, and most recently co-founded Playdom, a social gaming company that Disney bought in 2010 for $550+ million.

Kai Huang

Kai Huang

Chief Strategy Officer

Kai oversees Sentri's growth and strategy. Previously, Kai was the CEO and co-founder of RedOctane, the makers of Guitar Hero, one of the top-selling video game franchises of all time.

Wendy Qi

Wendy Qi

Co-founder, Head of Marketing

Wendy oversees the development of Sentri’s brand and community. She is passionate about thoughtful innovation and building lasting brands both for and with consumers. Prior to Sentri, Wendy was a strategist at Universal McCann, working with global brands like Microsoft to amplify their stories.

Rical Hsieh

Rical Hsieh

Co-founder, Head of Engineering

Rical leads Sentri’s engineering efforts in integrating all of Sentri’s components and physical power into one elegant solution. Prior to Sentri, Rical ran his own hardware design studio, working with a variety of organizations and businesses across Taiwan.

Ray Hsieh

Ray Hsieh

Co-founder, Head of Product

Ray shapes the Sentri product by leading the charge on all aspects of Sentri’s software infrastructure. He brings nearly a decade of experience to Sentri, having worked with HTC and Acer as a product manager specializing in multimedia content platforms and content management solutions.

Zach Fountain

Zach Fountain

Head of Business Development

Zach leads Sentri’s business development, actively working with partners around the world. He has built and led some of the most memorable consumer brands in the world, including Nintendo, Guitar Hero, and Pepsi. Prior to Sentri, Zach was the Chief Operating Officer at BlueGoji.


What Our Customers Are Saying



"It was incredibly easy to set up and the features are perfect for what I'm looking for."

− Aaron S., New York

"I was really impressed by the elegant design and it works great as a home monitoring system. "

− Travis D., California

"Setup was super easy -- unbox and plug it in. It's a really solid product."

− Cory P., Utah
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